Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wooo Hello world!

Hey team.  So I have set up a blog.  Exiting, eh?  I knew you would all be ecstatic.    I've got a couple of reasons for doing this, some might say drastic, action.

First, is to keep track of my friend's weblogs and other industry peoples blogs that i find interesting and contain some regular doses of solid gold.

Secondly, is to try and give my self a bit more impetus to be productive so I have something to report.  This I badly need.  I'm far to talented in the arts of getting comfortable with a brew and a book/film/magazine/series/............internet?   I've done it again haven't I?  I'm gonna be spending time on here as well as FB now...Crap....

And thirdly, in some far of distant time I may have some wisdom to pass down to others. For the time being this will probably just be solutions to notable problems that I have overcome.   "Have a butchers on google..." etc

I will endeavor to make this more professional affair than my daft facebook profile, so i can direct any grown ups here instead the place where they can see me drinking dirty pints out of measuring jugs!  In time I'll focus down on more Computer Generated Art and Music Themes and as a recent Linux convert I'll pop a bit of that in too if its not too dry, but to start out I will likely include more personal diary-style posts  to fill up some space.

So to start;
I'm might have a film night going on later.  Thought about watching an 80's vampire film called Near Dark.  I heard its an unsung classic.   Apparently its gritty and nasty style got overshadowed by the more  pop culture orientated The Lost Boys when it was released.  It stars half the cast of aliens. I have high hopes.   Though if it was that good it would surely have shined through.....?  If its no good. I'll just stick The Castle on.

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